[ CANDY ] hey! it's candy. i've recently crash-landed on a deserted planet after a mission went wrong. thankfully, i've been practicing my acrobatics, which will help me get around this abandoned facility!


Space - Jump! I can jump extra high if I do three in a row!
Ctrl - Slide/Duck/Crawl
Ctrl (In air) - Ground-pound, can break junk blocks
Ctrl (While running) + Space - Long-jump. This is the furthest I can go in a single jump!
Ctrl (While still) + Space - Backflip, my highest jump!
Shift - Dive (Can be done while running or during a ground-pound, use space when landing to recover faster)
Quickly turn + Space - Sideflip
I can jump off of walls too! As long as they aren't too smooth, or covered in barbed wire!

Right clicking will switch between shooting and platforming. While in shooting mode, you aim with the mouse and use the left mouse button to fire. When you're in this mode, you'll have better control in the air, but you cannot use any special jumps while holding your gun. Shoot junk blocks to break them ()

E - Interact with buttons and doors
Space/Ctrl/Shift/E - Select on menus

F - Toggle fullscreen
Backspace - Reset base (While in base or on level overview screen)
P - Pause (Pause menu is broken in fullscreen, just press p to unpause)
Esc - Exit